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Finding An Agent For Your Child

Unfortunately, there are some less reputable people in every professional and make no mistake: the entertainment industry is no exception. It is important to take your time when choosing a talent agent. Do your research, ask around, and ensure that the agent has signed the Entertainment Industry Code of Ethics (EIC). For a list of Toronto-based talent agents who has signed this important code of ethics consult The Agents Book or visit ACTRA’s website at

Here is ACTRA’s suggestion on how to approach a potential agent: “Once you have chosen an agency, type up a resume to accompany the child’s snap shot (or school photo), along with a cover letter stating that you are seeking representation for your child. The resume should include height, weight, hair and eye color and date of birth. List any school plays they have participated in, drama courses or extra-curricular activities, special skills, sports, talents, etc. Don’t worry if it looks skimpy. No one expects a kid to have an extensive list of credits to their name yet. Mail or drop off the package to the various agencies and follow up with a phone call.”

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