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Yes, there is work for children in our industry but be very sure you know what you’re putting your child into before you try to find an agent. You are not providing a special opportunity for your child - you are sending him or her to work in a demanding and stressful environment. The odds that your child will make enough money to put him or her through college are very small and require an exceptionally talented or charming child.

Babies and toddlers never need professional photographs. Children over six will need them if they are starting to work regularly. Children should never be enrolled in classes at an agency - send them to creative dance or drama classes instead.

The Agents Book has a list of classes that are appropriate for children at different ages as well as more detailed advice to parents. All the leading agents represent children so target agents which specialise in the areas you are interested in - some agents specialise in print work, others in television commercials and others in film.

Do not even think of trying to involve your child in acting or modelling unless there is a parent available full-time to accompany the child to auditions and work calls. Your child will need your protection so make sure you’re informed as completely as possible.

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