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Performing is a skilled business where training is a must. When you compete with other performers, classes and training can give you an edge that gets you the role. Enrolling in a performance program at a university or a college is one of the best ways to get the basic skills and contacts you'll need as a professional performer.

Here are some average fees you can expect to pay in getting started:

  • Classes: $10 to $25 per hour
  • Headshots approximately 100 poses: $250 to $350
  • Photo Reproductions will cost $160 for 100 black and white photos or $225 for 100 colour photos
  • Resumes - provided free by agent

Principal agents generally represent performers who are accustomed to getting speaking roles. They charge commission on your gross earnings:

  • 15% for film and television work
  • 10% for live theatre

As an actor you may agree to cover some agent expenses such as voice materials, courier charges etc, but these expenses should be recouped against receipts and never paid in advance of income from bookings.

Background agents represent people who work as background performers (or "extras") or stand-ins. They generally charge:

  • 10% to 15% commission on your gross earnings