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The Toronto Association of Acting Studios (known as TAAS) provides reputable, reasonably priced classes for performers at all levels. A list of member studios can be obtained from Theatre Ontario 416-408-4556 and is also found in The Agents Book and on the TAAS website. We strongly advise against taking acting classes with an agency. A beginning acting class should not focus solely on on-camera techniques and you should take classes in voice and movement as well as acting. Most professional classes will cost between 10 and 20 dollars an hour.


Professional actors need a single black-and-white or colour headshot; they do not need comp cards. Children and extras do not need professional photos until they are working regularly. A session with one of the top industry photographers will cost approximately $300 - $500 for a session. Reproductions will cost approximately 25 copies for $75, 50 for $125, and 100 for $200.


The internet is now commonly used within the industry for casting purposes. There are 3 legitimate computer-assisted casting aids in Canada: CBC Resource Centre (Talent Bank), Face to Face Online and Casting Workbook. They cannot be accessed by members of the public. The cost to performers is less than 100 dollars a year. Other tools like video and audio demo tapes are not required until a performer has professional work to include on such tapes. Consult The Agents Book for standard industry costs.


Reputable agencies are prohibited by the industry code of ethics from advertising to the public. A principal agent will rarely take on a performer who is completely inexperienced. Most reputable principal agents are members of the Talent Agents and Managers Association of Canada also known as TAMAC. Reputable agents do not offer classes, they will not sign you up for photo sessions nor will they require you to pay fees up front. Agents charge commission on the work that you do - 15% on film and television work, 10% on theatre work - and very few charge any kind of maintenance fee. Any contract with an agent should be taken to a lawyer before signing and must include cancellation clauses for both parties to the contract. Reputable agents will not pressure or threaten you or try to make you feel insecure; nor will they flatter you or guarantee you work. Never enter an agreement with an agent without going away to think about it or to get impartial advice.